Dolly Style blivit 10-talets mest unika svenska popakt, och fansen (som kallar sig ”dollys”) har skapat en helt egen pastellfärgad subkultur i sociala medier. Fenomenet är nu på väg att spridas utomlands.

”Bye Bye Bby Boo”, Dolly Styles första singel för 2017, är en klassisk göra-slut-låt med ett beat som kommer att skaka om både lågstadiediskon och nattklubbar.

Videon till singeln är banbrytande i sitt slag då make up- artisten Argenis Pinal från San Diego, flugits in för att utföra sin magiska make up-teknik på artisterna. Molly, Holly och Polly blir sminkade som cartoons och ser tecknade ut i musikvideon.

Nya singeln är även det självklara steget framåt i utvecklingen av Dolly Styles egna sound. Modernt, fräscht och lite softare än tidigare låtar, men fortfarande väldigt signifikativt för gruppen med sin lekfullhet och catchiga refräng. Den markerar även ett nytt kapitel för Dolly Style i och med att gruppen själva har varit med och skrivit.

Molly, Holly och Polly tänker dollyfiera världen!


Molly is pink, Holly is blue and Polly is purple. Together they are Dolly Style, a colourful trio that has taken Sweden by storm. They used to be residents of Dollyville, a magical place beyond the rainbow. Then they arrived here to spread their sparkling pop music. Songs like ”Unicorns & Ice Cream”, ”Upsy Daisy”, ”Young & Restless”, ”Cherry Gum” and ”Bye Bye Baby Boo” are sweet as candy, yet pack a solid punch of the dancefloor.

Melodifestivalen (The Melody Festival) is an annual competition where the winner gets to represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest. It’s the country’s most-watched TV program. Despite its popularity many artists who get their breakthrough in Melodifestivalen find it hard to achieve the same level of success when the show is over. Dolly Style is one of very few acts (ABBA is another) to become even bigger.

Dolly Style was created in 2014 by the song-writing team Emma Nors and Palle Hammarlund, who were inspired by Japanese kawaii fashion and the superhero-like characters of Kiss. They found three Stockholm girls to sing the very first track ”Hello Hi” and compete in the 2015 edition of Melodifestivalen. Dolly Style immediately became the favourites of young viewers who also started to dress like them. Their second single ”Cherry Gum” was an even larger hit with more than seven million views on Youtube. Dolly Style performed hundreds of concerts around Sweden and were described as ”a plastic fantastic sugar-rush” by critics.

In 2016, the band competed in Melodifestivalen once more, with the high-energy disco track ”Rollercoaster”, and found thousands of new listeners by non-stop touring – pulling huge crowds who dressed in pink, blue and purple. The next hit ”Unicorns and Ice Cream” brought a certain rock edge to the band’s sound and its follow-up ”Young and Restless” offered pure house-pop joyfulness.

”Bye Bye Baby Boo”, the first Dolly Style song of 2017, is a classic break-up-song with an irresistible beat. While the band has become the most unique Swedish pop act of the 2010’s, the fans (who call themselves ”dollys”) have created an entire pastel-coloured subculture on social media.

This phenomenon is now spreading outside Sweden’s borders.

Molly, Holly and Polly are about to dollify the world.